Sacramento continues enhancements in development program with new ePlan Check service

Submitting a set of building plans to a town can be a complicated process for builders completing projects involving Sacramento real estate. Thankfully, Sacramento officials have improved the Sacramento Streamline program, and offers the ePlan Check service to accelerate building plan submissions.

Performing renovations and improvements remains a viable option for many homeowners, and this innovative service may speed up your remodeling plans as it reduces the need to create several sets of hard copy plans. This process could help to cut costs and improve the permit approval process for development projects in the area.

The new program may yield immediate dividends for you and other residents. Not only can you receive instant cost savings on home repairs, but your contractor could require less time to complete a project. The service truly represents a win-win for you and the city.

The ePlan Check initiative is one of many improvements the city is considering as part of the Sacramento Streamline program. You can receive program updates as officials continue to find ways to improve community service initiatives.