Roseville assists low-income families planning to sell their Roseville real estate

Even if you purchased your Roseville real estate through the assistance of the city's Affordable Purchase program for low-income residents, you're still eligible to sell the property. Due to a different facet of the same program called Affordable Purchase Resale, the city's Housing Division may help you sell to someone who is in the same economic situation you were in when you bought your home.

Qualifications for participation in this program are the same as they are for the Affordable Purchase program. You and your family must still remain in the applicable economic bracket - a gross annual income of $69,800 for a low-income three person household, or $87,200 for a middle-income household of equal size. Housing costs must be at a minimum of 30 percent and go no higher than 40 percent.

If you meet those requirements, you have 60 days to find another income-qualified buyer for the property, which the city may facilitate by listing the property on its website.

Remember, though, that you will not be able to use the practices common to short sales in this situation. The only exception to this rule applies if a recorded notice of default has been issued and the property is subject to foreclosure.