Public transportation options in Sacramento improve

When residents consider moving to a new location, there are plenty of features of a given community that are weighed and measured. Determining which homes for sale in Sacramento are in a pleasant neighborhood is vital for many new residents. For some, public transportation is key, which is why the recent expansion of the local railroad lines in the city will be seen as a positive attribute by some.

According to the City of Sacramento's official website, railroad tracks have been moved back 500 feet north to improve railroad operations and public safety, as well as to make room for additional facilities. Starting on August 13, 2012, rail passengers will now be able to take advantage of the newly constructed platforms, which are currently located 1.5 blocks from the existing tracks. For those unable to make the distance, there is a shuttle service that can be requested.

Changes such as these have the benefit of improving local commute times and increasing the safety of those residents who ride the rails on a frequent and regular basis.