Manteca's sustainable services may win over potential buyers of Manteca real estate

Although the virtues of the homes for sale in Manteca, CA will likely be clear to many potential buyers, you can do yourself a service by explaining beneficial services provided by the local government. For example, you can try telling them about the city's green waste pick-up and disposal services.

The Solid Waste division of Manteca's Public Works Department provides regular pick-up of all green waste resulting from residential and commercial properties and establishments, separate from standard recycling. If those who are considering buying your house have any interest in doing their part to promote local sustainability, telling them about these benefits may help convince them to relocate here.

Every two weeks, Solid Waste employees go around the city picking up all residential green waste. This includes leaves, small pieces of wood, tree trimmings, weeds, prunings and small tree branches. This doesn't include treated lumber or large wood pieces and branches.

For businesses, the city also regularly picks up all of these items, along with flowers and particle board. Additionally, Solid Waste provides companies with 40 cubic yard bins for storing this and other green waste upon request - this may be of interest to potential Manteca residents looking to do sustainable business.

Those same individuals may also be interested in some of the city's latest budget appropriations for 2010-2011, which include funding for green and sustainable business measures.