Looking into Wilson C. Riles Middle School in Antelope

Although high school is usually characterized as one of the most pivotal (and difficult) periods in a child's life, middle school can be every bit as tough. With that in mind, be sure to consider Wilson C. Riles Middle School when looking at homes for sale in Antelope, CA with your family.

This school serves Antelope children in grades 7 and 8, and provides a strong curriculum for its students in accordance with all California state standards. To learn more about administrative matters, scheduling and more, check the school's website, which is fairly comprehensive.

One of Wilson C. Riles Middle's benefits is the fact that quite a few of its textbooks can be accessed and read online, allowing kids to cut down on the weight in their backpacks. Texts may vary, though currently at least one book is available for most major concentrations of math, science, social studies and English.

Extracurricular clubs and activities cover fields ranging from academics and studying to cooking, chess, art and more. As far as athletics go, kids can take part in flag football, volleyball, basketball (split between boys and girls teams) and track.