Knowing which projects do (or don't) require a permit before renovating your Roseville real estate for sale

When the time comes to sell your Roseville real estate, you'll likely want to make some additions and renovations before you put it on the market. Doing so may or may not require you to get a building permit from the city's Department of Public Works, make sure you know the specifics in either category before you get started.

If the repairs and renovations you're making are somewhat simple, they will not require a permit. Examples of these tasks include painting, installing above-ground swimming pools less than 24 inches deep, fences below 6 feet high, swings or playground equipment and retaining walls less than 4 feet high, among others.

Beyond those and any other exemptions listed on the Public Works website, you'll have to get a permit. This, too, you can easily obtain on the site. You must then print it out, complete it in full and return it to the department with all required documentation, such as an estimate of how much the project will cost based on realistic predictions.

Read the provisions that come attached with the application form carefully to learn restrictions related to environmental requirements. Finally, keep in mind that all home repairs valued at $1,000 or more must include the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.