Interior designers in Stanislaus County can help new homeowners settle in

No matter where someone is living, people always want their homes to look nice. After all, home is where the heart is, and there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a well-decorated bedroom, kitchen or outdoor patio. Professional decorators do a great deal of business coming up with unique themes for celebrity residences, but the average person would be happy if the carpet matches the drapes. If you are looking to improve your Stanislaus County real estate, hire one of the interior designers located in downtown Modesto.

Lyn Ross Interior Design is a small, innovative decor studio located at 5054 Pentecost Drive #5. Customers can create a personal theme tailored to their unique tastes, but the experts here specialize in Tuscan and ethnic influences. The store also offers custom lighting, cabinetry and other decorative techniques.

Another choice is At Home, situated at 4129 Dale Road #I. This company is operated by a mother-daughter team who stress the importance of family in their operational infrastructure. Here, customers may find many different types of furniture to decorate their rooms, and also some helpful tips on how to get the most out of a personal space.