Increase your involvement in the Rocklin community through the Citizens Academy

It's natural to want to have a strong understanding of your local government - how tax dollars are allocated and spent, which services are provided and why, and so on. As a recently settled-in resident of Rocklin, CA real estate, you're eligible to inform yourself by taking part in the Rocklin Citizens Academy.

This initiative, a service of the City Council and City Manager's office, is available for several multi-week periods throughout the year. If you take part in it, you'll be able to learn a great deal about how the city of Rocklin is run and how the issues that are most vital to you and your family are addressed. Representatives from all major city departments will come to these classes.

Once the program starts, sessions are held once a week for approximately 4 weeks, each of them lasting between one and a half to two hours. After you've completed the program, you and your fellow Citizens Academy members take part in a graduation ceremony, held during a City Council meeting.

The only qualification for membership is either living or working in Rocklin. You can download the application form online from the city's website, and be sure to send it in before the deadline.