Green up and move to Stockton

Green living is one of the major issues of our time, and more people are beginning to discover steps they can take to live in a sustainable manner. Those considering a move to Stockton, California, will be pleased to discover that the city boasts many features and distinctions that make it conducive to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

On first thought, it might seem that living in the suburbs among plenty of parks, gardens and trees is more in line with green thinking, but recent studies, such as those performed by the International Institute for Environment and Development, have found that cities produce a significantly smaller carbon footprint per capita than corresponding suburbs do.

Cities accomplish this because a larger amount of people don't need cars, and those who do usually have shorter commute times. The vast majority of people who commute to work in Stockton drive, but they have a trip length of about 15 minutes, according to Additionally, many apartment buildings and businesses go out of their way to be environmentally friendly and earn benefits along with certifications. Even dense communities serve the function of keeping people on already developed land. In recent years, Stockton has boasted a lower annual number of new building permits than the California average, the source reports.

Stockton also has a reputation for being rife with trees and green spaces despite its status as California's 13th largest city - Sunset magazine awarded Stockton the title of "Best Tree City" in the western U.S. in 2002.

Local residents can check out Stockton's wealth of listings on for more information on eco-friendly stores, businesses and resources in the area.