Getting your pet licensed after moving to one of the homes for sale in Stockton

Once you've moved in and gotten settled into your Stockton real estate, acquiring a license for your pet (or pets) will be one of your chief priorities. It is an essential step for animal owners in the city for a number of reasons - chiefly remaining up-to-date on animals that have been vaccinated against rabies and other illnesses.

You can acquire licenses for dogs and cats from the city's Animal Services department, which last for one, two or three years. The fees for this service vary depending whether or not the animal has been spayed or neutered - it costs less if the pet has been sterilized.

Before you can purchase the license, you must get your four-footed friend vaccinated for rabies and then receive a microchip from the City of Stockton Animal Shelter. This tiny device must be injected into the animal's neck. It will never need to be removed, and it registers the animal in a nationwide database that allows it to be tracked if it gets lost.

When it comes time to renew your license, you must do so before it becomes invalid or you'll be charged an additional fee for being delinquent.