Getting your kids involved in Roseville's Adventure Club programs

If you're the parent of elementary school-age children and you're looking at Roseville real estate listings, you may be wondering how your youngsters will make friends in their new hometown. To get their social lives up and running, consider enrolling your youngsters in Roseville's Adventure Club program - many local parents swear by this comprehensive community program. 

Adventure Clubs are open to all Roseville children belonging to the proper age group, and they're designed to provide stimulating and supervised care both before and after school hours (the programs typically run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., but hours vary based on location). If you're a working parent, these programs will be especially helpful. 

To enroll your kids, simply fill out the proper registration forms. There is no set fee for Adventure Club - costs vary depending on how many days per week your children attend the program, and a 10 percent discount applies if you enroll more than one child.

Roseville's 17 elementary schools serve as the venue for the Adventure Clubs, so there will be one located near your home, making drop-offs and pick-ups a fairly painless process (especially if you commute to work). Take a close look at the digital brochure provided by the city's Parks and Recreation department, which manages the program, for more official details.