Getting assistance with home repairs in Rocklin when money's tight

 Perhaps you need to make certain repairs to your Rocklin, CA real estate, but you can't cover the costs due to financial difficulties. If you meet certain income guidelines, you can qualify for financial assistance to meet these needs and get everything fixed. 

Rocklin's Department of Housing offers loans specifically for this purpose for those with income difficulties. Anyone living within the city limits of Rocklin who owns and resides in the property they’re seeking repairs for can receive this program’s benefits, which include loans with interest rates as low as 3 percent, as long as you do not exceed certain income limits.

The maximum income varies based on the size of your household. For example, a two-person household can’t make more than $46,800 in total annual gross income. In a four-person household, this limit is $58,500, with the maximum income being $77,250 for an eight-person family.

Most of the repairs you could need are available through this initiative. These range from bathroom and kitchen remodeling, roofing, electrical and plumbing work, weatherizing, flooring and foundation repairs. To apply, contact Rocklin’s Housing Department at the number provided on the city’s website.