Get your 'best friends' licensed after purchasing your Modesto real estate

After you, your family and your beloved dogs or cats have moved to one of the houses for sale in Modesto, California, you'll need to get licenses for your four-legged pals. If you have a dog, you'll need to do this within 30 days of moving to to a property within the city limits, and you can get this taken care of at the Stanislaus County Animal Services Agency, located at 3647 Cornucopia Way. Cat licenses are recommended but not required.

Before you can get licenses for your pets, you will need to submit documentation affirming that they have had rabies vaccinations. If their shots are due to expire in six months or less, you'll need to vaccinate them again. To obtain a discount on the licensing fee, you'll also need proof that your pets have been spayed or neutered, and a licensed veterinarian should sign off on this documentation.

If your dog or cat has been sterilized, the fees for a license are $12, $24 or $36 for one, two or three-year periods. If not, this fee is significantly higher - $150, $250 or $350. For seniors, all of these fees are discounted by half - you must submit proof that you are 65 or older to be eligible for this discount.

You can pay directly at the Animal Services Agency location by check, Visa or MasterCard, or pay by mail if using a check. The Agency doesn't accept cash for these payments.