Get some fresh meat and produce at a butcher shop in Manteca

While millions of people consume meat on a daily basis, few know how best to go about procuring this particular product. Butchers are trained in the art of cutting and shaping meat into the neat forms we see in the grocery store, and specialty stores often sell cuts that are unavailable anywhere else. If you are searching for specialty meat to use in the kitchen of one of the homes for sale in Manteca, CA, you may visit a few local butchers to satisfy all of your culinary needs.

Sunny Valley Smoked Meats is located on 2475 West Yosemite Avenue near the train tracks, and provides all different types of smoked products. Hickory, barbecue and other flavors are baked right into the meat and sold at a reduced cost. If you are looking for a creative dish to celebrate a home closing, this is the place to go.

Drive across town to visit Fagundes Meats and Catering if you feel like less outrageous flavors. Situated at 142 Jason Street, the butchers here provide the traditional cuts and chops of beef, pork, chicken and turkey.