Get ready for the One Root Festival in Roseville

Once you've purchased one of the homes for sale in Roseville, CA, and are ready to learn more about your new community, you can start by checking out some of the town's most prominent festivals and cultural events. The One Root Festival, which takes place every few years (most recently in 2010 and set to come back around again in September of 2012), can provide you and your family with an opportunity to experience a whole world of culture without leaving the city.

The One Root Festival emphasizes food, art and music from numerous cultures around the world, from European ethnicities such as Greek and Italian to Hispanic countries, African nations, the Middle East, China, Japan and more.

Additionally, the festival's Youth Village event makes it ideal for children. Your youngsters will be able to get together in groups to enjoy hands-on art activities. Children of all ages are welcome.

Best of all, the festival is also free of charge. This is due to the support of the nonprofit organization Dunia United Congress and numerous local and large-scale business sponsors. To contact the event's management, check out the One Root website. You can find out about possibly volunteering, sponsoring the event through your company, working as a vendor or joining the committee to help manage the festivities.