Find local mechanics to make car repair a lot more affordable

Though professional car dealerships offer quality service in a timely fashion, the cost of these repairs can sometimes shoot through the roof. Because these experts must follow guidelines set down by automobile manufacturers, they're forced to order parts from official suppliers, which can be quite costly. If you are looking at MLS listings in Stockton, CA, and have engine or tire trouble, you're in luck - rather than take your car to a dealership, there are a number of local mechanics who would be happy to take a look at your car at a possibly reduced price.

The first place you might want to check out is Chet's Auto Services and Repair, just a short drive from the center of town at 545 East Miner Avenue. This is a traditional small body shop that should be able to fix most general automobile problems. Make sure to call ahead, however - there is a very limited amount of space in the garage.

If you need new tires or other services, another reliable establishment is Wilson Way Tire, which is located at 221 North Wilson Way. This outlet carries all of the major tire brands and sizes, and quotes for other available services can be requested online.