Employment growth in Sacramento could encourage a population increase

Those looking to move into a metro area experiencing positive economic features such as job growth may want to consider homes for sale in Sacramento. During the month of July 2012, the city's employment opportunities experienced an upward swing, and industries such as solar power are featuring strong growth.

Job growth in Sacramento improves local economy
There is positive news for workers in the Sacramento area - employment opportunities are on the rise. The number of jobs offered within the six-county region increased 2.6 percent in July 2012 compared to the same time last year. This has resulted in the first annual job growth rate above 2 percent recorded for the Sacramento area since 2006, the Sacramento Business Journal reports. 

This increase in employment opportunities means that about 21,400 new jobs were offered during the month of July 2012 - the fourth consecutive month of increases. Such positive news will offer Sacramento residents hope as the effects of the recession slowly recede. Industries such as professional and business services, education and health, trade, transportation and utilities and construction are experiencing the most growth. The news source claims that while the future looks bright for those living in the greater Sacramento area, about 128,000 residents are still unemployed.

Solar industry expands in Sacramento
According to Wanted Analytics, the solar industry is booming in Sacramento, and there's a huge demand for workers experienced in the technology. There are about 8,400 online employment advertisements that require solar knowledge at any given moment.

"There’s a huge demand for clean solar energy in the Sacramento area, so we’re helping to fill that need," said Liz Freeman of Paramount Solar, according to the source.

The source claims that the top certifications required for this industry are National Electric Code (NEC), Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Clearance, Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Public Accountant and Sales Management. However, many businesses are failing to find the skilled labor required for jobs. Recruiters report that it takes 41 days on average to fill a position demanding solar skills.

Common job titles a Sacramento worker may see advertised in the area include HVAC Service Technician Training, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager and Field Service Representative.