Cupcake bakeries in Rocklin can satisfy a resident's sweet tooth

Whoever whipped up the first cupcake deserves a lot of credit. These sweet treats have become a staple of birthday parties, celebratory dinners and potlucks, and creative dessert chefs have made a career out of designing these miniature cakes. If you are considering homes for sale in Rocklin, CA, you will be pleased to learn of several nearby establishments that can provide all sorts of decorative fare.

Icing on the Cupcake prides itself on serving the greater Rockling community, and is located at 5065 Pacific Street. This establishment was recently nominated on the KCRA-3 A List as one of the best cupcake bakeries in the greater Sacramento area. Innovative cupcakes are the norm here, and every day of the week features new specials and creative flavors.

If these well-known professionals are not enough for you, you can drive to the galleria in Roseville and visit Paradise Bakery & Cake at 1151 Galleria Boulevard. The chefs here are known for their cookies, cupcakes and more. They advertise that all of their products are always made from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible.