Checking out the bike trails in Folsom

If you have a passion for recreational bicycling and you've recently moved into one of the houses for sale in Folsom, you'll be pleased to discover that you can hit the ground running (or cycling) in your new town. The city's bike trails are quite extensive and are popular among locals who share your passion.

Currently, residents can enjoy slightly more than 32 miles worth of Class I Bike trails in Folsom, and the city plans to develop more in the years to come. These are located along Humbug Creek, Willow Creek, the Folsom Rail Trail along Folsom Boulevard, the Folsom lake Trail bridging the gap between El Dorado Hills and Lake Natoma, and the Oak Parkway Trail near Blus Ravine Road and East Natoma Street.

You'll find the majority of trail space in the Humbug Creek and Willow Creek areas. Although a number of different paths can be found here, they are referred to as one system - the Humbug-Willow Creek (HBWC) Trail. This area alone makes up half - 16 miles - of the city's trails, and it provides excellent views of the local geography.

If you want to store your bike for any reason while on an extended ride, you can do so at all Regional Transit light rail stations in the city by using the lockers provided here. Call the city's Parks & Recreation Department for information on how to lease one.