Check out some summer programs in Sacramento

The warm weather in Sacramento encourages local residents to get out of their homes during the summer months and take part in all sorts of outdoor activities. If you have just purchased one of the homes for sale in Sacramento, the summer is a great time to get to know your neighbors through varying community groups, and if you have children, they may benefit from a number of educational programs.

Here are some ideas that may entertain you and your kids during the months of June, July and August.

Summer educational programs

Students typically view a summer vacation as a break from schoolwork, a time for swimming, lounging and simply relaxing without the pressure of homework and tests. Although most schools assign some form of summer reading, this is nowhere near as rigorous a curriculum as a daily class schedule. However, children who wish to continue expanding their knowledge can sign up for a number of programs in Sacramento.

The Sacramento Bee reports Sacramento City Unified is partnering with a number of local community groups to offer different summer schools in 2012, including Magic Johnson and Best Buy's Geek Squad Academy.

Other school districts, including Elk Grove and Twin Rivers, are offering similar local programs through national organizations. If you live in one of these three neighborhoods, considering enrolling your children in a summer school to enrich their academic foundation.

Summer sports leagues

While summer camps offer kids the opportunity to participate in sports themselves, there is still nothing better than watching amateur and professional athletes compete in an organized league. These players use the off-season to keep in shape, and often bring a very high level of competition. The Sacramento Pro Development League is one of these organizations, and the summer season begins on June 4th.

Games will be played Monday through Thursday until June 28th, and are likely to feature several current NBA players, reports the Sacramento Bee. Admission is $7 for adults, but kids get into the games for free.

"People will be impressed at the level of basketball played here," said conditioning coach Guss Armstead, according to the news source. "It's huge for a young player's development to compete against these guys. Guys use this for development and exposure, and it's fun to watch."

If you've got some free time on a weekday night, check out a development league game for a cost-effective way to spend the evening.