Check out softball and other adults' sports offerings after selecting your Citrus Heights real estate

As a sports-loving individual who's just purchased one of the homes for sale in Citrus Heights, you're probably looking to check out the local games and teams. For Citrus Heights residents, the Sunrise Recreation & Park District manages a number of adult sports teams, including softball, basketball and volleyball.

If you get together a number of like-minded neighbors who share your love of softball, you can apply as a team to join the annual fall softball leagues in town, which play at Rusch Park from September through November. Although the entry fee isn't exactly small - $450 before the August deadline or $475 after - it won't seem as high if you split it among your teammates.

During winter, indoor volleyball is all the rage among Citrus Heights adults looking to enjoy themselves at the Rusch Park Auditiorium. Most participants are beginners or have a moderate skill-set - intense competition is not the name of the game here. Seasons start toward the end of January, and it costs a $260 check or credit card payment to register a team, or $285 after the January 9 cutoff.

Adult basketball in Citrus Heights overlaps in part with volleyball, since its season starts in early January. Your team can play at either the intermediate or lower-intermediate skill group, so it's acceptable to be a bit more competitive if that's your thing. Registration costs $480, or $505 if after 5:00 p.m. on December 14.