Buying short sales and fixer-uppers among the Citrus Heights real estate listings

The range of available properties among the Citrus Heights real estate listings is quite extensive. If you're worried that these offerings are going to be above your price ceiling, you may be pleasantly surprised if you keep your mind open to the option of buying a short-sale or fixer-upper property.

You might seem skeptical of this notion at first. After all, the National Association of REALTORS confirms that homes with optimal curb appeal - a viewer's first impression of a home for sale - are often the most favorable to buyers and the easiest to resell. However, this organization also advises that those looking to eventually resell homes should not simply choose the most expensive property.

With that in mind, short sale properties or fixer-uppers might be worth a closer look. In Citrus Heights, some of the most desirable three- and four-bedroom properties within these categories range from $250,000 to just under $200,000.

If you exclude short sales and fixer-uppers from your search, the range of average prices increases substantially - typical listings of this size will come in from about $225,000 to around $375,000.