Buying Antelope, CA real estate near the Center Joint Unified School District

One of the major factors in your decision to purchase Antelope, CA real estate is likely to be the schools in town or in the immediate vicinity of this area. If you wind up close to the Center Joint Unified School District, you'll have preschool, elementary, middle, high school and charter school options right at your fingertips.

Among the academic institutions in this school district, all but one of them are located in Antelope proper. This includes both Center and McClellan High Schools, Dudley, Oak Hill, North Country and Spinelli Elementary Schools, Antelope View and Global Youth Charter Schools and Center Preschool. The only one outside town, Wilson Riles Middle School, is located in nearby Roseville.

Quite a few of the homes for sale in Antelope, CA, are just a short distance from these various schools. In a few cases, some of these listings are located on the same street as the school.

For example, on Watt Ave, where McClellan High School and Center Preschool are located, you'll find listings for three- and four-bedroom homes ranging between $95,000 and $120,000. Scotland Drive, home to Spinelli Elementary and Center Adult School, has three- and four-bedroom homes falling within the same general price range.