Brush up on the Manteca Unified School District before purchasing Manteca real estate

As a parent who has just purchased Manteca real estate, your highest priority is likely your children's education. If you're looking to get them enrolled in the Manteca Unified School District, you won't be disappointed - this school system brings highly regarded academics to more than 23,000 students.

In addition to Manteca children, the Manteca Unified School District also includes kids from K-12 in Stockton, Lathrop and French Camp. To ensure that such a wide area is well-served, there are two dozen elementary and middle schools and eight high schools. To determine where your children will be attending, use the district's Find Your School locator tool on its website.

Numerous programs are available to benefit the children attending these schools at both the elementary and secondary levels. Some of these include sustainability plans such as the Leadership on Green Initiatives Committee and Energy Education, while others focus on the welfare of students in a more general fashion, like the Manteca Unified Student Trust (M.U.S.T.).

If you have more questions, the district provides a great deal of information online - far more than the district office's phone line. You can get everything from a copy of the information packets students receive on their first day of school to minutes from the most recent meetings of the Board of Education.