Best things to do in Sacramento

If you buy one of the homes for sale in Sacramento, you'll be living in a city that has a ton of fun activities, great restaurants and entertainment options. The trouble is deciding which places to choose on a weekend or weeknight. Check out some of the following venues if you are short on time, as these have been rated as some of the best establishments in the greater Sacramento area.

River Cats Game at Raley Field

Though the Sacramento Kings play in the NBA, there is no team with crazier fans than the Triple-A River Cats. Games take place at Raley Field, located at 400 Ballpark Drive. The field has a great view of downtown Sacramento, and is always full of screaming fans and supporters. Make sure you catch at least a few games each season, as tickets generally retail for manageable prices.

The "Old Towns" of Sacramento

Folsom, Fair Oaks, Roseville and Elk Grove are all considered to be cultural neighborhoods in Sacramento, and are the remnants of times long past. If you have some time on your hands, check out some of the local museums and historical festivals in these towns.