Avoid moving scams on your way to Sacramento

Thinking about someone else taking responsibility for your personal belongings is stressful enough, and this can only be compounded by the cost some big-name companies will quote. However, instead of being quick to take advantage of seemingly good deals, it is extremely important to make sure you hire reputable movers to aid you in your transition to Sacramento.

Many experts agree that it is important to find a moving company using a phone book rather than the internet because you are more likely to run into scams online. However, websites like Yelp.com offer a relatively reliable way to gauge the legitimacy of a business. Two Men and a Truck is a great example of a Sacramento moving company that is highly regarded on Yelp.

After compiling a list of companies, have representatives come to your home to give an estimate of costs. Respectable companies should suggest this on their own but at least comply with the request.

Once you decide on a company, do not pay any large deposits, as one of the top scams reported nationwide last year involved moving companies failing to show up once deposits were paid, MovingScam.com explains.

Researching a company and its history is the best idea when hiring movers, because even some licensed companies have been reported to have substandard practices this year, according to USA Today. It's a good idea to contact the Northeast California Better Business Bureau in regard to a particular company. This might save you from losing thousands to a shifty moving deal.