Anti-crime programs make Sacramento a great place to live

When you are evaluating a geographic region for living statistics, you may want to look at local initiatives designed to protect the community. Programs like neighborhood watches serve as a gentle but constant reminder that crime will not be tolerated. Sometimes, the federal government can even provide funds for crime reduction, as is the case near homes for sale in Sacramento.

The Sacramento Bee reported that $11 million in federal money was granted to Sacramento County's Impact Division. This department is comprised of 31 members and will work to drastically reduce violent crime in the area, with specific focus on gang-related activities. Three subdivisions will focus on gang suppression, youth services and intelligence. The tri-pronged approach is meant to help prevent young children from getting drawn into the wrong crowd.

If you need to look up more information on crime statistics, check out the crime map provided by the Sacramento Police Department. Here, you can find all the information you need to make a decision on where to live in the greater Sacramento area.