You can find affordable housing in Richmond

When you consider a relocation to Virginia, you should survey the homes for sale in Richmond. This capital metropolitan area is a medium-sized city with 204,214 citizens, according to the 2010 Census report. However, if you're looking to invest in property that has the potential to appreciate in value, consider the houses around the University of Richmond, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer.

Typically, when younger people look to purchase a home, they want to make sure it is close to entertainment, industrial and cultural landmarks. In Richmond, you'll have all of those amenities and more, as well as easy access to one of the state's best universities.

Property values around the campus often fluctuate, but the median asking price is approximately $346,270, according to ZipDataMaps. However, homes have been selling for slightly lower, coming in at around $291,254. With sellers more likely to settle with prospective buyers for less than their asking price, you may be able to find property for a great deal.

What's more, after you move into your Richmond home, you'll be able to expand your educational horizons by enrolling in classes at the nearby university.