Where's the best sushi in Richmond?

You've just bought one of the homes for sale in Richmond - it's time to celebrate! What better way to do so than to enjoy a delicious plate of sushi and a refreshing bottle of sake? There are many popular sushi restaurants in the River City, so consider heading out to one tonight to explore the area and toast your new home.

Richmond Magazine has recently awarded its annual Besties Awards for 2012, and the "best sushi" winner was surprising Kona Grill. This is a chain restaurant, with one branch located in the West End on 11221 West Broad Street. It's a great spot for happy hour specials and inexpensive sushi rolls. The publication named Osaka Sushi & Steak, located at 2099 Huguenot Road, as the runner-up.

For something a little more unique than a chain restaurant and more modern than a traditional Japanese spot, consider heading over to Sticky Rice on 2232 West Main Street in The Fan. This place specializes in excellent sushi, sashimi and delicious tater tots. Sounds strange, but don't knock it until you try it. You'd be surprised how an odd combination can keep you coming back for more!