What's the largest ZIP code area included in Richmond's limits?

Undoubtedly, the 23231 ZIP code is one of the largest areas included within the Richmond city limits. While only a small portion of the region manages to squeeze into the boundary of the metro, it still could contain valuable homes for sale in Richmond

According to Zip Data Maps, the ZIP code covers 94 square miles and is located in Henrico County. The average real estate asking price for a home here is $155,078. In contrast, the average real estate sale price was much lower at $139,950. There has been steady population growth in the region. In 2000, about 27,253 residents lived in the 23231 ZIP code, but by 2010 this had increased to $34,685. All of those people lived in the 13,428 households recorded in the area.

Potential property owners may want to consider searching the MLS listings in Richmond for an affordable home in the 23231 ZIP code. The community features affordable homes, a potentially short commute time to Downtown Richmond and a below average unemployment rate. Its current unemployment rate is about 6.76 percent, down from 7.94 percent from the previous month, according to the source.