Transportation improvements coming to Richmond

Transportation improvements are a key part of a city's attractiveness to many potential homebuyers. For homeowners in New York City, the subway is the focus, but in Richmond people travel primarily using their car. Consider buying real estate in Richmond to appreciate the improving transportation infrastructure, which could make commuting to work and school easy.

City continues street-paving projects
The City of Richmond Department of Public Works recently announced that it will continue a city paving project throughout October and November 2012. The initiative will cost the city approximately $1.4 million and is part of Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ infrastructure improvement efforts to repave 25 percent of neighborhood streets over a five year period.

This fall, the following streets are on the schedule for repaving for Fall 2012 - Williamsburg Road, East Richmond Road, Belt Boulevard, Cowardin Avenue and Hull Street.

First official plug-in station for electric cars opens
Richmond officially gained its first plug-in charging station. Mayor Jones and the Virginia Clean Cities initiative group came together to open the public electric car station at the Richmond Omni Hotel. A planning grant was used to fund the new energy-efficient station from the Clean Cities Community Readiness and Planning for Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure grant

"This effort fits into Richmond’s triple bottom line goals of the City’s RVAgreen plans of sustainability and will help lower greenhouse gas emissions in the city." said Mayor Jones. "The RVAgreen Plan supports electric vehicles and charging stations because they provide options that are more economically competitive and environmentally resilient than traditional vehicles."

Cruise ship now ports in Richmond 
The East Coast cruise ship "Yorktown" is making its first stop at the intermediate port on Wharf Street on October 26, 2012. According to the City of Richmond website, this is the first time the U.S. Flag ship will stop at Richmond to allow passengers to disembark at the River City. Now, passengers can explore the wonderful historic venues and sites of Richmond, which will bring more tourism dollars to the metro.

The Department of Public Works and the Department of Economic and Community Development provided $13,000 for improvements along the Intermediate Terminal.