Richmond is a kid-friendly city

Not everyone living in a metro is an adult, which is why it is important for families to consider the kid-friendly services available within an area before moving. Richmond is a city that focuses on supporting ventures and businesses that boost local youths. Families who are looking to move or couples who plan on having children in the future may want to consider purchasing homes for sale in Richmond to take advantage of the kid-friendly culture.

Here are three examples of youth-oriented initiatives being conducted around the city:

Hope Tree Project installed at Richmond's City Hall
Richmond students will soon be dedicating a new art sculpture that will be displayed at the Richmond City Hall. According to the City of Richmond's website, high school students will create foil symbols of their hopes and dreams to hang on the hope tree. The project is supposed to bring the local community together and support the incorporation of other cultures in the city's celebrations. The Hope Tree is fashioned after traditional Latin American Milagros.

Foster Parent Orientation
Every month, the city's Department of Social Services (DSS) holds a Foster Parent Orientation to share and inform interested parties about the requirements for becoming a foster parent. There are plenty of children in Richmond looking for a place to call home, which is why the DSS is focused on interviewing and getting to know new parent candidates. Richmond residents who wish to consult an expert about the possibility of fostering a local child can contact the department.

Children's Hospital of Richmond
This high-quality medical facility has opened a new pediatric emergency room in the Critical Care Hospital at the MVC campus. Covering more than 10,000 square feet, the establishment is decorated with a rainforest theme so that children may focus on the fun decor to boost their spirits.

In addition to the new pediatric emergency room, an expansion of the hospital commenced with the beginning of construction on a new multi-story, high-tech ambulatory pavilion for pediatric services. The new pavilion will include diagnostic and treatment services for children and consolidate most outpatient cases to one location. Covering more than 640,000 square feet, the seven-story building will house 72 exam rooms organized in 12 exam room pods to keep resources and teams together. The project is currently scheduled to be completed by 2015.