Richmond encourages homeowners to get prepared

With the toughest part of hurricane season fast approaching, Richmond is trying to encourage residents to prepare for potential inclement weather. Hurricane season is from June 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012. A severe tropical storm can impact the safety and security of Virginians regardless of whether the storm comes to shore because of the possibility for storm surges and fast-moving wind.

If you have just purchased one of the homes for sale in Richmond, there is a very likely chance that you might not have an emergency supply kit handy. As a result, a new homeowner may want to consider visiting the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to get a complete list of materials needed for a safety kit as well as helpful instructions on what to do in case of a storm.

An emergency kit in your Richmond home should include a three-day supply of food that does not need electricity or storage for preparation, water, a battery-powered light source and radio, plenty of extra batteries, a basic tool kit, a first aid kit and sanitation supplies.

After getting settled into your new Richmond home, make sure to get these supplies and others to ensure you're prepared for any inclement weather.