Neighborhood profile: Windsor Farms

Finding the right property in the ideal community is a priority for many potential homebuyers. For people looking for class, history and beautiful aesthetics, the Richmond community of Windsor Farms is the goal. Consider buying one of the houses for sale in Richmond to take advantage of this exceptional neighborhood. This area has long been revered as one where the most successful of Richmond's residents live.

The median cost of a home in this community is $780,000. The cost of living in this area is substantially higher than in the majority of the nation. The suburban area is largely comprised of single-family homes, although there are a few high-rise apartment complexes.

According to ZipDataMaps, the population has not seen much growth over the course of a 10 year period. In 2000, the population was 13,645, and by 2010 it had only increased to 13,680. This luxury community may be an ideal neighborhood for those looking for expansive green space, large homes and local charm.