Historic Neighborhoods in Richmond, VA – Highland Park


If you’re buying a home in Richmond, and you’re interested in one of the city’s historic areas, Highland Park is a neighborhood worth considering. Many individuals and families who are buying Richmond real estate are drawn to Highland Park’s unique personality, charm and historical value.

A Rich History

The Highland Park area began to thrive back in the late 1800s when early developers created a streetcar line and a viaduct that attracted numerous businesses, schools, churches and houses to the area. The neighborhood underwent a rapid period of growth and became a key component of Richmond’s overall appeal. Over the decades, Highland Park has been a part of many significant historic movements and in 2004 the Highland Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Convenient Location

When you’re buying a home in Richmond, VA, location is one of the first factors you should consider, and this particular neighborhood is in a prime location. Situated on the north side of the city, Highland Park is divided into three parts: East Highland Park, South Highland Park (also known as Chestnut Hill-Plateau Historic District) and North Highland Park. Real estate in this neighborhood is just north of downtown, making it an ideal location for people who need to commute to the heart of the city each day.

Residents of Highland Park are also located near the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park, which is a large science and technology research center that houses more than 50 different companies. Many employees of the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park turn to Highland Park when buying Richmond real estate, because they’re are attracted by the area’s charm and close proximity to their workplace.

Architectural Beauty

Highland Park is the site of numerous historic homes that have remained true to their original beauty and architectural integrity. If you’re buying a home in Richmond, VA and you’re looking for houses with Queen Anne style architecture, you’ll be excited to know that this neighborhood features the city’s largest collection of homes in this style.

Distinctive and highly sought after, the Queen Anne style home is a type of Victorian house that often features bay windows, steep roofs, an overall asymmetrical shape and porches that run along one or two sides of the house.

Highland Park not only has a strong offering of Queen Anne style homes, but it also boasts the added bonus of including quite a few affordable options for homebuyers. Many of the homes in the area are listed in the $100,000’s, with a few in the $200,000s and low $300,000s.

A Reinvigorated Community

With Highland Park’s convenient location and attractive homes, the neighborhood has been experiencing an increase in popularity. There have also been several recent efforts to ensure that the Highland Park neighborhood continues to be a vibrant and thriving neighborhood.

Richmond’s Neighborhoods in Bloom initiative is one of the forces behind this movement. Neighborhoods in Bloom encourages various partners and developers to purchase and rehabilitate homes, to buy vacant lots and build homes on those lots and to give assistance to current homeowners who are looking to do repairs and renovations on existing homes.

For homebuyers who are interested in buying Richmond real estate, Highland Park is a unique and charming location to call home. 

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