Experience the sports culture in Richmond

The local sports culture of a city is a crucial quality to enthusiastic fans. Cities like Boston and New York City are notorious for their die-hard fans. While Richmond may not have the same obvious sports culture as those metros, there are still plenty of opportunities for a person to immerse him or herself in the love of the game.

Potential homebuyers who are sports enthusiasts may want to check out the real estate in Richmond to gain better access to local teams.

The Flying Squirrels could get a new ballpark
Richmond's own minor league baseball team the Flying Squirrels have been playing in The Diamond baseball stadium for years. Some residents believe the stadium is in need of drastic repairs, and others think that the aging building should be replaced by a new stadium altogether.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that in spring 2012, a plan was released detailing the development of a new stadium by Ballpark Nutz.

"(Right) now, the Squirrels are limited in the entertainment experience they can deliver by the inherent challenges of The Diamond’s design," Ballpak Nutz said in a press release, according to CBS6. "The new ballpark will be a modern 21st century Minor League Baseball park, designed to encourage social interaction among fans and families. It will be more comfortable, congenial and neighborly."

Many local residents and officials seem excited about the prospect of building a new stadium for the Flying Squirrels. However, approximately six months after Ballpark Nutz submitted its proposal, those in charge of giving the project its green light still have not arrived at an official decision.

Speakers at the 22nd Annual Real Estate Trends Conference, held in October 2012, urged the city to consider the merits of building the stadium in the near future.

"If you want collaboration and consensus, you will be talking about it for the next 20 years," said Tom Murphy according to the news source. Murphy is a senior member of the Urban Land Institute, and as mayor of Pittsburgh in the 1990s he helped revitalize the city with the construction of new sports stadiums. 

Experts believe that the construction of a new stadium for the Flying Squirrels will boost the local economy. The creation of jobs, higher payroll for locals and sales tax revenues and economic growth will have a positive impact on the city of Richmond.