Buying Richmond real estate in the suburbs

Richmond is unquestionably one of the most picturesque places to live in the state of Virginia. For those looking to buy Richmond real estate, there are many appealing options throughout the area, including the city's surrounding suburbs. In general, the suburbs are often safer, cheaper, and can be more community-oriented than, say, urban dwellings. But what sets the Richmond's suburbs apart from most other cities in the country is the rich and authentic character of its outlying areas. Richmond suburbs such as Mechanicsville, Glenn Allen, and Tuckahoe (to only name a few) share an exceptionally vibrant culture and more history than most other suburbs. To better illustrate the benefits of investing in Richmond real estate, here's additional information on some of the city's most charming suburbs.

Glenn Allen

Located to the Northwest of Richmond, Glenn Allen has over the years been adopted as a suburb of the city. Glenn Allen has a distinct mixture of history and modern elegance unlike many other modern suburban developments. Some of this areas unique qualities are displayed through the Cultural Arts Center at Glenn Allen. In addition to its cultural richness, the suburb boasts homes with a median sales price of under $225,000.  Many of which are in the transitional style.   The afforabile home prices in Glenn Allen make it one of the more ideal locations to buy Richmond real estate. If the reasonably low median home price is not enough to persuade you, Glenn Allen offers convenient access to the city - with bus lines practically coming up to your front door step and other forms of public transportation nearby, commuters can enter into the city for work with little effort.


Another local suburb to consider when buying a home in Richmond is Tuckahoe. Located to the Northwest of Richmond, many homebuyers find Tuckahoe an appealing location to call home. What’s more, a significant amount of Richmond real estate is comprised of large single-family homes, most notably in the colonial style.  Residents of Tuckahoe are conveniently close to many of the essential urban aspects of Richmond, but it is also secluded enough for you to enjoy a quiet, relaxed lifestyle. Like many other suburbs surrounding Richmond, Tuckahoe has a significant historical background. In fact, this Richmond suburb is home to the Tuckahoe Plantation (i.e. the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson) which stands as a registered historic landmark.


Mechanicsville is another historical suburb of Richmond that homebuyers may want to check out. While it may not be an immediate consideration when buying a home in Richmond, Mechanicsville is the site of this nation's most momentous historical events.  This area contains the sites of several major Civil War battlefields, including the Battle of Cold Harbor and the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek. Beyond the historical significance of Mechanicsville, this area has ample public transportation options and offers a safe, community-oriented atmosphere to raise a family. In addition, with a large amount of custom ranch style homes, the median home value in Mechanicsville is just above $250,000. 

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