Business booms in Richmond

Living in a metro with a strong local economy is vital for many professionals. The right location can often mean the difference between having a fulfilling job or being underemployed. Therefore, potential homebuyers may want to consider purchasing one of the affordable homes for sale in Richmond. According to ALTOS Research, the properties are not only reasonably priced at a median of $160,447, the employment opportunities are historically plentiful here.

Ranking as a Top 10 Pro-business state
While Utah was named America's most pro-business state in the nation, it just barely beat Virginia for the title. According to the Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2012, which is co-published with the American Development Institute, Virginia has held the number one spot for the past five years.

However, Virginia's 2012 fall was only to second place, leaving it in a keen position to regain the title in 2013. The study was based on 32 business factors controlled by the state, aspects such as taxes, human resources, education, right-to-work legislation, energy costs, infrastructure spending, worker compensation laws, economic incentive programs and state economic development efforts.

The difference between Utah and Virginia was a measly 10.6 points.

"The key to Virginia’s success this year is that not only did they finish number 5 under the Stage I, Labor, Taxes, and Other Factors, but they also placed number 1 under the Stage II, Incentives and Economic Development Agency Factors. Generally, Virginia had a strong showing in taxes, with exception of Individual Tax Index, and Comprehensive Tax Costs for New Firms where it ranked #39," claims the report, according to the news source.

Many Virginia-based companies make Inc. Magazine's 5000 list
Not 10, not 100, but 284 Virginia companies made Inc. Magazine's 5000 list, which measures how fast organizations are growing in the nation. In addition, four of the organizations listed in the top 100 were from Northern Virginia. These businesses included Zantech IT Services in Mclean (number 21), in Dumfries (number 23), OBXtek in Vienna (number 35) and Innotion Enterprises in Arlington (number 80).

Other high-quality organization located throughout Virginia made the list, more than a few of them in Richmond.