Attractive cultural events held in Richmond

Attending cultural events and reveling in the variety of art present in the community is often a draw for some people. These individuals learn to live in areas that offer access to cultural venues and entertainment options. Potential homebuyers interested in participating in the many inspirational and view-broadening activities available may want to purchase a home off the MLS listings in Richmond. The city houses ballet, art and other popular cultural entertainments.

Richmond Ballet reopens after debuting in London
The State Ballet of Virginia, the Richmond Ballet, started its 29th season with an Open House for the company on September 7, 2012, at its studio on East Canal Street in downtown Richmond. As the upcoming 2012-2013 ballet season starts, city residents may want to consider attending a production, according to the city's website. Following the company's London debut and coverage by Dance Magazine, there is no finer time than now to witness a performance.

The performance of Gargoyles and Gargoyles scheduled for the season is expected to be a hit. Not only is the production much anticipated, it is being presented by Richmond Ballet alumnus Philip Neal.

"The images of Gargoyles will serve as a visual springboard for an abstract, dramatic neo-classic work," said choreographer Philip Neal. "After staging Liebeslieder Walzer for Richmond Ballet last year, I have clear ideas of how I wish to utilize the dancers and I have challenged myself to push the boundaries of typical ballet partnering."

Tickets to Gargoyles and Gargoyles are available for purchase at the Richmond Ballet box office. Richmond residents looking for a date with a special someone or just a way to get out of the house may want to consider attending a performance.

Visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
This state-supported museum is an educational institution that was created for the benefit of citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, according to the museum's website. The variety of exhibits will allow any guest to find something to enjoy, whether the style is contemporary, post-modern or modern. The Fall 2012 lineup includes artists such as Adolph Gottlieb, Normal Lewis, Hedda Sterne, James Brooks and others.