Real Estate Overviews

Recently, we added some features to our Learning Center for all those real estate novices out there. We’ve put together a snazzy, animated overview of the home buying process called From Home Hunter to Homeowner in Five Steps.



We have to stress that this is definitely an overview of the buying process. No two buyers’ journeys will be exactly the same! But we do hope that it gives you a basic understanding of the main steps you will take to find and then own a home you love.

Make sure you click on all the arrow icons to see the interactivity!



We also created a similar overview for our sellers, Selling Your Home in 5 Simple Steps. We take you through your own five-step process:

·         choosing an agent

·         preparing your home for sale

·         setting your price

·         marketing your home

·         finding a buyer and selling!


We hope these overviews help you get your feet wet in the real estate process – share them with any new buyers or sellers you know!

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