Which Raleigh neighborhood is for you?

Potential homebuyers looking to purchase a new property may have a difficult time selecting the right neighborhood. There are so many worthwhile communities that feature a number of positive characteristics. Real estate in Raleigh-Durham ranges from affordable to luxurious.

Here are four neighborhoods to consider checking out in Raleigh:

1. Falls of Neuse. According to AreaVibe, a neighborhood research and rating center, the Falls of Neuse is a high-quality neighborhood for middle-class families. In 2000, there were approximately 227,321 people living in the area and 58.8 percent of them were married. The median household income is $61,659 and the median home value is $246,360. The neighborhood is slightly upscale compared to the majority of others in the state, with median home values for North Carolina remaining closer to $161,392.

2. Six Forks. One of the priciest neighborhoods in North Carolina, this community is chalk full of suburban paradises. In 2000, the population was 10,490 and 61.3 percent of residents were married. In addition, 46.2 percent had children under 18 years old, according to AreaVibes. The cost of living in this region is above average, with the median home value measured at $360,760.

3. Hillsborough. If potential homebuyers are looking for a smaller community to call home, the neighborhood of Hillsborough might be a good match. With only 6,207 people in 2000, according to the source, residents could become close with neighbors. About 38.1 percent of the population is married, but an overwhelming majority of those that are married in the community also have children, 35.4 percent of the total population. The median home value is $314,755.

4. Wade. Scoring positively in overall satisfaction of residents, Wade is a high-quality neighborhood. The population of the community was 7,669 in 2000, with 47.3 percent married, according to AreaVibe. In addition, 45.6 percent had children under 18 years old. This luxury community is an ideal location for potential homebuyers looking for the finer things in life who have to commute into downtown Raleigh on a normal basis.