Spotlight on Historic Oakwood

Located on the edge of downtown Raleigh, Historic Oakwood offers some of the most unique and beautiful homes in the area. The perfect place to look at homes for sale in Raleigh-Durham, Historic Oakwood is more than a century old and many of the houses have been restored to their original state.

The tree-lined streets provide serenity from the hustle and bustle of downtown, making it a great location for families to take an afternoon walk or bike ride. Historic Oakwood is home to many avid gardeners who have spent countless days turning their properties into masterpieces of blooming flowers. The Garden and Tea Tour is put on every May by the Oakwood Garden Club so visitors and residents alike can enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood homes and gardens.

One of the best things about Historic Oakwood is the diverse array of homes. This allows just about anyone to live in this gorgeous area as home prices range from the upper $100,000s to $600,000 and above. Whether you prefer a traditional colonial, a brick American foursquare or a Victorian mansion, there's a home for you in this picturesque, southern neighborhood.