Raleigh offers residents potential benefits

Selecting a city to live in can take a great deal of deliberation. You have to determine if the city offers the job opportunities that meet with your career goals, if the housing situation is affordable and whether the local culture will make you feel like you are home. After exploring your options, you may find that the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, has everything you have been looking for in a metro. Raleigh boasts many fine qualities and has been recognized in the past year as a thriving place to call home. Consider checking out the MLS listings in Raleigh-Durham if you are contemplating a home purchase in this exceptional city.

Here are two of the labels Raleigh has attained in the last year:

10th Best city in the US for men in 2012
If you have an X and Y chromosome than you may find that Raleigh is ideal for you. Men's Health claims that the city is well-suited to men because of the local sports culture, which is largely focused around basketball.

"With three powerhouse basketball schools, we are one of the best regions in the country for college basketball - some joke that March Madness is a holiday in our area," Ryan Smith, director of communications for the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said to the news source.

In addition to having an active sports scene, the metro has more women than men, which could make the dating pool more favorable to males. According to the United States Census Bureau, 51.7 percent of the population in Raleigh is female.

Metro with the fast-paced population growth
As the national economy continues to improve, Americans are looking to move to metros featuring positive characteristics. The cities showing the greatest population growth typically feature strong business opportunities, good weather and affordable housing, MSN Real Estate reports.

Raleigh came in at number one for population growth between 2008 and 2007 - with a 4.29 percent rate. The trend doesn't stop there - in April 2010 the population in Raleigh was 403,903, according to the Census Bureau. By 2011 the number of residents within the city had risen to 416,468. A growing population could indicate that many people are finding the metro to be a quality place to live.