Make your Raleigh-Durham home more sustainable

If you have recently settled into one of the houses for sale in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, consider making a few simple changes to your home to create a more sustainable living space. Going green is not just a trend, it may help you to save money on utilities and help the environment.

Just take a look at a couple local homeowners who have made their homes greener. The News Observer, a local publication,  showcased a couple's home in Efland that not only has Energy Star appliances, but solar panels, an energy-efficient wood stove and a recycled front door made from refurbished wood and stained glass.

“We just thought that if we built a green house, it would have less of an impact on the environment. We’re using natural products. We’re not introducing more poisons into the air," explained the homeowner, Nicole Librandi to the news outlet. "We made some small changes to the design, but we basically didn’t have to do much. “It was great. We had tremendous savings."

Turning your new home into a more sustainable living space could be as simple as getting Energy Star light bulbs and appliances like this couple, or a complete energy remodel. If you need help with this, contact an area sustain building company like Green Horizon on 616 Foster Street in Durham.