How's the North Carolina real estate market doing?

Real estate in Raleigh-Durham has, at times, fallen victim to the wavering housing market the past several years. However, it has been among the more stable metros and has been listed as a market to watch in 2012 by real estate experts. The buying market seems to reflect these sentiments as News 14 Carolina reports North Carolina realtors are citing a busy buying and selling season starting in the spring and continuing into the summer months.

The source states that local experts believe North Carolina has finally seen the bottom of the housing crisis and things are finally looking optimistic. This makes for competitive homebuying, which is good news for sellers and the local market.

"You see something online one week and the next week, honestly, it's gone," Tatum Crotinger, a North Carolina resident who is searching for her first home, said to the news outlet. "Things are moving a lot quicker than we thought they were."

Although the Department of Numbers reports that the July 9, 2012 median asking price in Raleigh was $210,750 ( down 1.9 percent from last year), local experts are confident in the fact that the overall local market is looking strong.