Historic Real Estate in Raleigh

Home to some of the most prominent buildings in North Carolina including the North Carolina State Capitol,  the Governor’s Mansion, and the historic Oakwood Cemetery; Raleigh attracts visitors from all over the nation. As one can imagine, Raleigh is filled with southern charm and centuries-old character.  One of the more notable historic neighborhoods in Raleigh is the Historic Oakwood.  Lined with lush oak trees, this aptly named neighborhood offers some of the most charming residential streets in the area. Raleigh homebuyers will find that many of the real estate in Oakwood date back over a century. The Oakwood district in Raleigh is where you will find one of the few surviving 19th century neighborhoods in the North Carolina.

Architectural Styles of Oakwood

When visiting Oakwood, you will notice that the architectural styles in Raleigh reflect various periods of American history.  For instance, a number of houses in Oakwood have a neo-classical architectural style, which was fairly popular during the Civil War. Just to give some perspective: neo-classical style homes in Oakwood often resemble ancient Greek buildings with towering columns and pristine stone-like textures.

You will also find many Queen-Anne styled homes that were constructed during the 19th Century.  Many of these properties have been restored and are still standing in the area today. Beyond the neo-classical and Victorian style homes in the Oakwood area, there is a wide variety of other architectural styles that bring out the old southern charm of Raleigh, N.C. -  including colonial houses as well as houses with mansard roofing. Although much of the Raleigh real estate in this neighborhood are unique, there are a number of noticeable similarities. For instance, nearly every home in Oakwood has a porch. Many other similarities of homes in Oakwood are a result of the hot, humid climate. Many of these homes have deep accented attics for insulation and frequently use lattice for circulation.

What it Costs to Buy Raleigh Real Estate

Home buyers who are interested in buying Raleigh real estate will find that the asking price in the Oakwood area vary depending on size and condition; however, it is not uncommon to find a three bedroom Victorian style home in restored condition listed at approximately $400,000, or a renovated two bedroom bungalow in the upper $200,000 price range.

Also, if you are really considering buying a home in Oakwood, keep in mind that this neighborhood is a designated historic district and that historic properties by their very nature are old and have gone through several decades  of wear and tear.  For this reason, the vintage properties that you will find in Oakwood may need a significant amount of repair and restoration. The good news is that local governments tend to provide homeowners tax incentives for restoring and preserving historic properties.

If you are buying Raleigh real estate, the neighborhood of Oakwood is definitely an area to consider.  With its authentic charm and historic significance, Oakwood will most certainly be your cup of tea.

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