Neighborhood Spotlight: Dolores Heights, San Francisco

Jul 6, 2017

A peaceful oasis in the big city

Dolores Heights may not be the most popular neighborhood in San Francisco, but ask anyone that lives within its borders and they’ll tell you it’s the prettiest. Surrounded by The Castro to the North, Noe Valley to the south, Upper Market to the west, and Dolores Park to the east, this hilly hidden gem is known for its steep staircases, beautiful views, and colorful Victorians.

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Dolores Heights is one of the sunnier spots in the famously foggy city thanks to Twin Peaks blocking the wind and typical fog.

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Thick palms and lush gardens line the sidewalks that are populated by friendly dog walkers, young families, and groups of friends on their way to Dolores Park.

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A green thumb's paradise – plants are used to complement the spectacular architecture, not steal the spotlight. fullsizeoutput 76c IMG 2897 These stairs are no joke - who needs a gym membership when you live in San Francisco?! Take a moment to admire the breathtaking views (and catch your breath!) once you reach the top. fullsizeoutput 754 fullsizeoutput 755

Homeowners in Dolores Heights are no strangers to color. Each exterior is more impressive than the last, with combinations varying from dreamy pastels to bold jewel tones to monochromatic masterpieces.

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Cutting through the center of the neighborhood is Castro Street, a vibrant place that is home to one of the first gay neighborhoods in the country. IMG 2750 IMG 0088

If you’re looking for the ultimate picnic spot, Dolores Park is it. Every day is a party at this urban playground. Sure, the views are spectacular - but the people watching is even better!

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