Where should students find text books in Portland, OR?

If you’re looking for a book store for your children after purchasing a home off the MLS listings in Portland, there are a variety of retailers that offer brand new and pre-owned texts. The average college student spends over $700 on text books, according to the New York Times. That’s why finding an affordable retailer is serious business for a family that has recently purchased a home.

Powell’s Book located at 40 Northwest 10th Avenue offers used, new and e-books for parents or students looking to find the option best for them. Combined with a flat shipping rate under $5 for those in the City of Roses or surrounding metro area, you can purchase your books and even afford a latte after. For family members looking for a suitable gift for a college student, there are gift cards available and moleskin notebooks.

Broadway Books on the other side of the city is located at 1714 Northeast Broadway and is locally owned. If you are looking for a text they do not stock, a store employee can offer you the option of ordering it and have the item delivered to your home.

Consider leaving the university book store and finding great deals out in the community to save money after buying off the Portland real estate market.