Where to find a martial arts studio for your kids in Beaverton, OR

Signing your children up for activities they enjoyed in their old home will help smooth the transition into the home you purchased off of the MLS listings in Beaverton, OR. Not only will it keep them busy while you work through organizing the house after the move, but it can introduce them to new children in the area and let them work off excess energy.

The Ito Dojo Kyokushin Karate studio is located at 9950 Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and offers a wide range of classes for various skill levels. Kyokushin training takes time, energy and dedication. Based on the principle of perseverance, a child may find the repetitive motions soothing. The classes focus on balance, coordination, breathing and concentration, and can be effective and fun for a child.

The Tien Tae Jitsu Martial Arts system focuses on the principles of self defense. The school is located 8125 Southwest Hall Boulevard, and has been in the area for the past 20 years. Tenets of the program include discipline, honor and respect, and every practitioner must comply or strive to follow the etiquette in order to promote peace.