What are you paying per square foot in Portland?

Are you looking for a good deal in Portland? For families that have outgrown their homes and want to upgrade, it's important to find property with enough space for everyone. Houses for sale in Portland offer a wide range of possibilities, consider looking for one that will fit your budget. 

The average price per square foot paid in Portland was $167 in January 2012. The median price paid per square foot for a January resale condo was $113, up from the $112 experienced the prior month.

According to DataQuick, the median price paid per square foot in January for a resale single-family detached home fell 1.4 percent in Clackamas County. In contrast, the median rose 3.1 percent in Mutnomah County, decreased 7.3 percent in Washington County and fell a whopping 8.3 percent in Yamhill County.

A family looking to move into a larger home may wish to consider moving to a neighborhood with houses for sale at a decreased price per square foot. These homes are affordable and offer potential homeowners the space they need for their families.